Subtitle: Imagination taking power


I recently started a new subscriber-supported podcast series called From What If to What Next. The series builds from the book, inviting subscribers to send me their ‘What If’ questions and I then go and find the best people to help us explore how we might move from that question to it becoming a reality.

For just £3 a month, you will get:

  • One episode of the ‘From What If to What Next’ podcast every two weeks, each exploring a different ‘What If’ question
  • One episode of the subscribers-only podcast ‘The Ministry of Imagination’, in which we invite our guests to become Ministers in our amazing Ministry
  • Occasional other treats, such as our interview with Tom Carnac, other videos and podcasts just for you, treats like our upcoming interview with Rutger Bregman and others, and the opportunity to ask the What If questions that shape the podcast.

Here are the episodes that have been shared more widely. Subscribers are already at least one episode further into this series than those that have been made available here. So why not subscribe now, support the work I’m doing and give your ears, your heart and your imagination a big treat…

One subscriber recently wrote of one of the podcast episodes:

“It gave me clarity on my own sense of optimism and resilience against being despondent … and a sense of what I’m empowered to change and therefore, how to live life well and let go of any boom or bust notion of change making”

Of course we’d love it if you subscribed, as you will get each episode the second it’s released, plus our Ministry of Imagination bonus episodes, but you can also listen to them on other platforms such as Spotify.


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