Subtitle: Imagination taking power


Here is a selection of a few talks I have given, or films about  Transition, that might give you more of a sense of who I am and what I do.  There are many on YouTube, but here’s a taste:

A wide-ranging discussion I was recently part of in Luxembourg:

A documentary about a speaking tour I did in France in April 2019:

A recent talk at the Seed Festival:

I was on Vox Pop, on Arte on French TV:

A talk on imagination at La Recyclerie in Paris, November 2018:

The Power of Community: a talk for Triodos Bank’s AGM 2017:

My TED talk (2008)

A talk I gave at TEDx Exeter about Transition Town Totnes:

A recent I gave in Sweden:

A message I did for the Mayor of Paris for the launch of their Climate Strategy for the city:

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