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17 October 2019

A taste of the audiobook of ‘From What Is to What If’

The audiobook of ‘From What Is to What If’ is now available from most platforms where you get such things from, and will soon be available from them all. Creating it involved me sitting in a recording studio near Totnes for 2 days, and I have heard good things from the people who are already listening to it, including one person who told me she was listening to it in her car on the way to work. Here is a taster. If you’re an audiobook person, I hope you love it.



  1. Alain Ruche
    October 23, 2019

    I have been working on this powerful question in recent years, learning that it leads to new insights that nurture a new kind of actions. The ‘what if’ consists in looking with a new pair of glasses, with another angle. This angle is the angle of complexity which does not require any understanding before acting. Theory comes from practice, not the other way.
    We ARE our intention, and a multisensorial approach needs to be applied at carefully selected acupuncture points where we can experiment, make sense of what emerges, learn, correct, and act again. This way of looking from another angle, with another pair of glasses and acknowledging our feelings in a self-réflexive mode is a complexity approach.
    The multisensorial and holistic character of what we do and feel implies to integrate spiritual aspects, what is lacking in your interesting post. For example, it is not a question of better managing or protecting the ‘resources’ of the Earth. Rather, to resume the broken conversation with Nature and the community.
    Go onwards!

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