Subtitle: Imagination taking power

Talking permaculture and imagination with Morag Gamble

A while ago, Australian permaculture educator Morag Gamble came to visit Totnes and we had a long chat about permaculture, imagination and much more besides. I thought you might enjoy it. Morag is the founder of the Permaculture Education Institute.


  1. Chris Wells
    April 10, 2020

    Rob’s answer to Morag’s question about what to do next (around 47mins) crystallises something I’d love to be involved in. Anyone else who feels the same way and would like to be part of a new organisation, integrating Transition, permaculture & design into some sort of professional design consultancy, please contact me.

    • Steve Allin
      April 12, 2020

      I work with ecological building concepts centred around the use of Hemp based materials and am currently working on a national plan here in Ireland.

  2. Steve allin
    April 12, 2020

    I agree with all points except going to Business School. At least until the business world understands about ecological limits such as those contained in Doughnut Economic model and other concepts such as cradle to cradle, zero carbon etc. The conventional business models just do not work with an awareness of Permaculture. So I would change that advice to what has the Business world got to do to improve? answer ; Get Permaculture teachers to teach them.

  3. Sonya
    May 6, 2020

    Morag & Rob mention that the Fridays for Future movement identifies what’s wrong with our education systems and wonder how permaculture educators can support it. I knew I’d seen a report on street classrooms. I think this is it or reflects it :

  4. Chris Rowland
    May 24, 2020

    Morag, thank you for a wonderful interview with Rob. Really liked section education, the schools strikes an the Trogan Horse. This link has lead me to Morg’s YouTube channel & I look forward to watching more 🙂

  5. Kitty de Bruin
    December 3, 2020

    Brilliant interview and so true, forwards to resilience and permaculture instead of measuring the growth of our destroying economic system based on profit..

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