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Introducing my new Patreon podcast series…

If there was ever a time for fresh thinking, for being bold, for being visionary and imaginative – for reimagining everything – this it is. Now is the time to get together and reshape the world. In a couple of weeks, I will be starting a brand new podcast called ‘From What If to What Next’. It will be based on ‘What If’ questions sent in by you, the listener – and my challenge will be to collect together the best people to explore, debate and develop the ideas you provide. Together we will look at how to make that leap – From What If to What Next. I would love you to subscribe and be part of making it happen.

And once we have created this new podcast series, it will inspire the writing the follow-up book to ‘From What is to What If’, with the same title as the podcast – From What if to What Next.

The first episode will ask “What if birdsong drowned out traffic?” and I will be joined by Mercury Prize winning singer Sam Lee, who once got recordings of birdsong to number 18 in the charts, and Mya-Rose Craig, also known as Birdgirl, the British Bangladeshi ornithologist and campaigner for equal rights, the youngest person ever to receive an honorary doctorate from a British University. It will be a beautiful, and inspiring start to this new podcast adventure. Where it goes from there? Well, that’s up to you…

What you’ll get when you subscribe

For just £3 a month, you will get access to 2 podcasts a full 2 weeks before everyone else, as well as access to an exclusive subscriber-only podcast called ‘The Ministry of Imagination’. You will also get access to subscribers-only online events and videos, plus a mention in the new book when it arrives. Plus other delightful things that you and I haven’t thought of yet. You will also get exclusive access to occasional framed prints by the author, i.e. me.

So this is my invitation to you. If you’ve enjoyed this blog, enjoyed accompanying me, via this blog, on the creation of the book ‘From What is to What If’, then please click on the link below to subscribe and support the creation of this new audio and book endeavour. Thanks so much.



  1. Clare
    April 30, 2020

    Brilliant, will sign up. I received your book yesterday, really looking forward to reading it. I can’t see the patreon link though…

  2. Margaret Rose de Cruz
    April 30, 2020

    What if every town in the USA adopted a refugee family or two into their town. Of every town had a co-housing community and helped refugee families by including them with a unit or two.

  3. Joy Cherkaoui
    April 30, 2020

    We so need this now. Can’t wait for the podcasts.

  4. Mark Edwards
    May 2, 2020

    What would it look like if we all had to exist on a sustainable annual income? What if every individual annual income was based on the annual carrying capacity of the planet. That is, what if we only received an annual income where our capacity to spend/consume was limited by the need to stay within a sustainable ecological footprint on the planet? What would the average sustainable income be? What would society look like if that were the case?

  5. judith
    May 11, 2020

    I cannot find the link to subscribe to you new podcast thanks

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