Subtitle: Imagination taking power

From What If to What Next: Episode 18

Welcome to our first episode of 2021! We are planning an amazing series of podcasts for this year, and we hope you are enjoying them. Do consider subscribing here to enable us to continue making them. In today’s episode we bring together Josina Calliste, a health professional and community organiser who is one of the co-founders of Land in Our Names (LION), a black-led collective addressing land inequalities affecting black people and people of colour’s ability to farm and grow food in Britain, and Chris Smaje, author of the book ‘A Small Farm Future‘ and the brilliant blog of the same name.

Our far-reaching conversation, which could have gone on for hours,  explores our relationship with land, and how a reimagining  of that could unlock so much. My thanks to both of my guests for their generosity and wisdom, and to Ben Addicott for production and theme music. As always, do let me know in the chat box below.


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