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From What If to What Next: Episode 19

By now, in this journey into ‘From What If to What Next’, it is clear that one of the key things in our world in 2021 that needs reimagining is our education system. In this episode, we explore how it might be if at the heart of that reimagining were permaculture principles. How would the underpinning of the National Curriculum with permaculture principles affect both what is taught, and how it is taught? Imagine a generation leaving school skilled in a diversity of practical sustainability skills, as well as being instinctive systems thinkers. After you’ve heard this conversation, anything less just won’t do. And after you’ve listened to it, might you consider subscribing to enable me to make future episodes? Thanks.

Rob Hopkins · Episode Nineteen: What if we rewrote the National Curriculum based on permaculture principles?

This wonderful conversation is only possible thanks to my two wonderful guests. Lusi Alderslowe is the author of ‘Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share in Education: The Children in Permaculture Manual‘ and has been engaging children in permaculture in formal, non-formal and informal settings around Scotland since 2005. She’s a mother of two, a Forest School Leader, a human ecologist and co-founder and coordinator of the Children in Permaculture project for the Permaculture Association and Gatehouse School. A certified Children in Permaculture trainer, she teaches online courses in Engaging Children in Permaculture with students from Australia to Austria, Kenya to Costa Rica.

From 2013-2018, Matt Willer was a full time humanities teacher at Reepham High School & College. It was during this time at this school that Matt decided to attempt to create a school allotment to inspire his students. After five years of non-stop work, and with the help of many amazing people, ‘The Allotment Project’ became a nationally recognised and celebrated secondary school allotment which subsequently won multiple awards.

In 2019, Matt left full-time teaching to set up The Papillon Project, which is now a registered charity. The ‘Allotment Project’ at Reepham High School & College, in many respects, was the ‘accidental pilot’ project that inspired Matt to create ‘The Papillon Project’ so he, and others, can help other secondary schools and colleges in Norfolk to also inspire children and young people to lead more sustainable lives too.

As always, do share your thoughts on this episode. We love to hear your reflections after the What If massage each episode gives your brain.

Rob Hopkins · Episode Nineteen: What if we rewrote the National Curriculum based on permaculture principles?


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