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From What If to What Next: Episode 22

Welcome to Episode 22 of ‘From What If to What Next’. This week we are exploring failure. More precisely, what if we were able to create a culture in which failure is embraced, celebrated even, rather than feared, avoided or ridiculed? What would society look like if we embraced failure in politics, education, economics and everyday life, indeed if we learned from a young age that failure was just as important as success? There’s a great What If question to stretch your imagination.

My two guests have so many great insights into failure and its importance. Social visionary, entrepreneur and thought leader Simon Cohen strives to make the world a happier and more fulfilled place—he is uniquely placed as the individual who gave away his £1m company, Global Tolerance. A champion for media ethics, social justice and values, he expounds his wisdom as an international keynote speaker. He is also the first person in the UK to place an entire company on a one year sabbatical.

And Carlos Zimbrón is the Co-founder and CEO of Fuckup Inc. He is also the Co-founder of WE ARE TODOS (cultural space), architect, art and history lover, who describes himself as “always curious” and was described by the Economic Times of India as “Not glamorising failure, just embracing it”.

I hope you love it, and that you  will share any thoughts and comments you have in the box below. My thanks to my guests, to you for listening and for supporting this podcast and to Ben Addicott for theme music and production.

Rob Hopkins · Episode Twenty Two: What if we learned to embrace failure?


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