Subtitle: Imagination taking power

From What If to What Next: Episode Forty-Five

Here’s Episode 45 for you, I hope you’re going to love it. Meet Tim Gill and Alice Ferguson of Playing Out, brilliant guests for a vital discussion.

Today we’re talking about kids, and play and about the places where we live.  Kids have almost entirely vanished from our streets. Retreating indoors in the face of the car’s domination of our city spaces, and a perception of the lack of safety, kids are all too often starved of play. ‘No ball games here’ signs. Horrible noises only audible to teenagers to chase them away from sitting near certain buildings.  The privatisation of public space. Cities are increasingly being designed around the needs of adults and capital rather than kids. So what might we do about it? Some beautiful visions of the future from our Time Machine adventure this week. I hope you love it. Do let me know what you think….. 


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