Subtitle: Imagination taking power

May 20, 2021
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It was a huge honour recently to be asked to be a speaker at the Jersey Citizens Assembly. I was asked to be their final presenter before they went off to deliberate their decisions. I was asked to give them a boost and a sense of why their deliberations matter so much. Here is the presentation I gave them, firstly the video, and then the transcript. I hope you enjoy it. 

May 18, 2021
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I am delighted to share this video, which seamlessly rolls together the three short videos I have shared with you previously. It is based on pieces of audio from Episodes 1-9 of the ‘From What If to What Next’ podcast, recorded by Ben Addicott and then beautifully animated by Temujen Gunawardena and Badj Whipple of

May 14, 2021
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Am so thrilled to be able to share this with you. It is the last of the three short animations I worked on with the amazing Temujen Gunawardena and Badj Whipple of, such incredible artists. It cuts together the voices of Sam Lee, Dr Jane Myat, Marie Godart, Christian Jonet, Ariane Conrad and Dee Woods, and it really rather delightful. These were some of my highlights from Episodes 1-9. I would love to do the same for Episodes 10-19. If you are inspired by these and would like to help fund the making of such a thing, do get in touch. Enjoy…

May 10, 2021
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These days of COVID have shown us that extraordinary profound reimagining of many aspects of society are entirely possible. Might this be the time to forever do away with the idea that the only way to measure our progress, cultural, social, spiritual, economic, is purely by how much bigger our economy is than it was […]

April 30, 2021

I was recently a guest on the ‘The Future is Beautiful’ podcast, presented by Amisha Ghadiali. You can hear the episode in full here.

April 26, 2021
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Let’s imagine, and this takes quite a leap in Britain in 2021 I’ll grant you, but stay with me, that we had a government who recognised that we are living through a time of imaginative contraction alongside a climate and ecological emergency, a social justice emergency and so much more. Let’s imagine that they were able to recognise this as the crisis it is, that allowing a population’s imagination to contract is profoundly dangerous. 

April 22, 2021
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My story of how the Transition: Bounce Forward What Next Summit unfolded, with videos of the sessions and some reflections.

April 13, 2021
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I have a theory. It is rooted in a lot of experience with many different groups. I have an exercise I call the ‘Time Machine’. I tell people that I have a Time Machine, and that I am inviting them to travel with me to 2030. The 2030 we travel to, and this is very […]

April 12, 2021
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When was the last time you read a book cover to cover? And if you are still able to do this, do you feel you read in the same way you did, say, 20 years ago? How is the decline in our collective attention span affecting our ability to read and, by extension, our collective capacity for knowledge, wisdom and art? What do we lose when we lose our ability to focus? This was such a fascinating conversation, with two people who have given this question a great deal of thought.

April 5, 2021
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Here is Episode Two of the videos I’ve been working on with Temujen Gunawardena and Badj Whipple animating some of the best bits from guests’ 2030 imaginings in Episodes 1-9 of ‘From What If to What Next’. This episode features Ariane Conrad, Marie Godard, Marieke van Dooninck, David Holmgren and Masum Momaya. I hope you love it. 

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